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Mitsuru Kirijo
07 July 2020 @ 11:59 pm
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Mitsuru Kirijo
08 September 2011 @ 09:04 pm
[BOUNCY PLUSLE CAM, GO. Today's setting is Violet City, for those familiar with the scenery. Outside the Violet City Pokemon Center, to be more precise, where one lady dressed in red and one butler dressed in blue stand. Neither of them seem to have noticed the SEKRIT PLUSLE CAM just yet.

Mitsuru turns a pokeball over in her hand a few times, her cheeks flushed a very light pink in embarrassment, before she lifts her head and nods at Hayate]

I captured this for you quite some time ago, back when we were exploring the Safari Zone, but we've all been so busy I haven't had the chance to give it to you yet. For that, I apologize. Ah... but if it isn't too late, I'd still like for you to have it.

[She hands the pokeball over to Hayate, a small smile playing on her lips]

Oi oi, Mitsuru, come on... You don't need to sound so formal about this! [Hayate lets out his usual awkward chuckle as he takes the pokeball from her with a extremely obvious blush, looking down at the ball curiously.] Then again, if you didn't sound formal about it, it just wouldn't be you.

Ah-- my apologies. I suppose it is a habit at this point. [still smiling] You may open it now, if you'd like.

Mm, all right! I was just about to ask...

[The butler takes a small step back, before tossing the pokeball out! And when he sees the Clefairy that stands there once the flash of light has cleared, staring up at him with tiny black eyes and stretching her little fingers at him with a huge smile... Well. He clasps his hands together and lets out that girly squeal Johto knows so well.]

Kyaaaaa~! She's adorable!! Absolutely, totally adorable! How did I never see one of these while we were there?!

[Mitsuru's hesitant smile turns into a pleased one]

They're apparently quite rare, and only show up at night. I only ran into one incidentally, and considering which Pokemon make up your team, thought you might--

[And without even letting her finish, Hayate pulls Mitsuru into a sudden hug, while sporting a ridiculously happy look on his face.]

--you did think right! She's right up my alley! You couldn't have thought more right if you were a writer! I'll take really good care of her, Mitsuru~!

[Meeeeeeep-- Mitsuru looks fairly surprised as she's pulled into a sudden hug, eyes wide and flush increasing.

... and then suddenly, there is snickering. Snickering that Mitsuru hears just as she moves to return the hug. Glancing over toward the snickering, Mitsuru finally notices the feed, eyes growing wide in surprise]


[Of course, in a moment of complete airheaded adorable pokemon glee, Hayate is missing the small Pokemon, loosening his hug on the red-head a bit to lean back and look down at her] --eh? Are you hungry, Mitsuru? We can go get crepes if you want--

N-no, Crepe--! [Her expression shifts from surprised to annoyed as she lifts one hand from the half-hug and gestures toward the camera] He stole my--

[The Plusle lets out a surprised 'meep' since, really, he knows where this is going... AND THE FEED CUTS just in time as the mischievous Pokemon attempts to make his escape]
Current Location: Violet City
Mitsuru Kirijo
03 August 2011 @ 04:57 pm
[Location: Violet City! More specifically, that Pokemon school that lies on the edges of town. Mitsuru is sitting on a bench, a Plusle perched on her shoulder while a small group of school-aged children (only about three of them) sit around her. She looks as though she is concentrating deeply, but there is a soft smile on her lips too]

Je m'appelle Mitsuru Kirijo. It means 'My name is Mitsuru Kirijo,' and is a simple way to introduce yourself to someone new. Perhaps you'd care to try?

[A little girl with messy pigtails and a gap in her teeth scrunches her face together cutely as she tries to repeat the phrase]

Jo... mah... pell...

Close, but not quite. Je m'appelle.

But it's so haaaaard!

[The little girl pouts as the other two boys crowding around Mitsuru snicker]

I bet I could say it!

Yeah, me too!

It's not a competition, you two. It's a simple lesson.

Right, just listen! [the boy sucks in a deep breath] Jah mee pell...

Stupid! That's not right!

[Mitsuru interjects sternly] There will be absolutely no insults. Learning how to properly pronounce a second language takes time and effort. And as for your two-- [to the two boys] -- as I stated, this is not a competition. You would do better to encourage each other instead of putting each other down.

[The three children pout and sink in their seats, but nod in understanding as they do so]

Très bien. Now, again. Je m'appelle...

[feed, cut!]
Current Location: Violet City
Mitsuru Kirijo
10 July 2011 @ 04:10 pm
[TODAY ON THE VIDEO you see Mitsurururururu! She is currently on the outskirts of Violet, watching as two of her Pokemon (Milotic and Dewgong) skate across a self-made sheet of ice (which is melting quickly due to the UNBEARABLE HEAT, but every so often the Dewgong sends an Ice Beam attack coursing over the surface, re-freezing the water and keeping the skating rink cool).

They seem to be performing a series of complex maneuvers at Mitsuru's various commands. Some of them look like dances moves, though Mitsuru wouldn't be teaching her Pokemon how to dance, would she...]

Très bien. These complex evasive maneuvers can be utilized in battle. Please continue for a while longer before we begin to practice them on dryer land.

[The Milotic and Dewgong cry out in unison as they slide across the ice-- though somehow, the Milotic loses her balance and skids, right off of the skating rink and into the dirt, where she tumbles about in what looks like a somewhat painful spill. Mitsuru's eyes grow wide, before she swiftly approaches said Milotic and bends forward, placing her hand on her Pokemon's head.

The Milotic lets out a sad noise, before glancing back at Penthesilea the Dewgong, who is still sliding about gracefully]

Mathilde... it's all right. Penthesilea has been trained for a year now. You are still young. Remember, you must give yourself time to grow and mature.

[... ah, that's right. She has been here a year. With another pat, Mitsuru straightens and addresses the gear]

A year, it seems. It's almost difficult to imagine that much time as passed. Hn... [Her expression turns thoughtful before she flips off the gear and returns to training her Pokemon]
Current Location: Violet City
Mitsuru Kirijo
20 June 2011 @ 07:24 pm
[This feed is coming from the sunny shores of Cianwood, where Mitsuru just landed. In fact, the ferry can be seen behind her as she strides off of the loading ramp, lifting one hand to push her hair behind her shoulders. She has her srs bsns expression on]

I've arrived in Cianwood and intend to tackle the Shedinja problem head on right away. As soon as I collect the black pokeballs from the Center, I intend to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening searching the routes for these elusive creatures. The sooner these bugs are put away, the sooner those affected by their abilities can return to normal.

If anyone has heard from Akihiko Sanada, Shinjiro Aragaki, or Minato Arisato since these events began, please inform me as soon as possible. Akihiko, Aragaki, Arisato, if you see this, please report in so I can confirm your status.

Hayate, Tenjoin, Maebara, Miles... how much progress have you made?

[a beat, and her srs expression turns into something more concerned]

... and how are Takatsuki, Rika and Amada?
Current Location: Cianwood City
Mitsuru Kirijo
04 June 2011 @ 04:08 pm
WAHAHAHAHAHA! Such a spirited fight! Come, woman of red! Come train with me! 24 hours a day underneath the waterfall, it's good for the soul!

[The feed (which was turned on by Mitsuru to report her victory) now shows the redhead backing away from an enthusiastic Chuck, bowing deeply as she holds her newly earned Storm Badge]

Thank you, but I'm afraid I will have to decline. Waterfall training doesn't seem as though it would suit my goals in Johto, as it has little to do with training Poke--

Wahahahaha! So what?! It's good for your mind, body, spirit, and soul! Come, join me!

Thank you, but I--

[Mitsuru is cut off by her Dewgong suddenly zooming past her, right into the pond that surrounds the waterfall. She lets out a few happy cries as she flops around in the water]

See!? Even your Pokemon thinks it's a good idea!

[Mitsuru sighs and rubs her temples] I suppose, then, I have no choice but to stay for a few moments longer...

[She sighs and looks at the gear apologetically] My apologies, I'll return later. [And then clicks it off]

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Current Location: Cianwood City
Mitsuru Kirijo
[Suddenly your ears are being assaulted by this.

And meanwhile, on the beaches of Cianwood, there is a Mitsuru staring down a group of five or so black blob things in masks. She is also holding a rapier! A very real rapier too, which she gives a swing as she holds a gun-like object up to her head--

-- wait what?!]

This ends now!



The sound of glass shattering fills the air and mingles with the music, and this creature appears in a flash of light. Without hesitation, she lashes out at the Shadows with her whip, casting MABUFUDYNE (for those unfamiliar, a multi-target ice spell) on all of the enemies. Each one dissipates into a puff of black fog as the ice spell hits.

Mitsuru (who is a-okay, mind you) lowers the gun from her head and nods once at Artemisia, who fades slowly]

Such weakness is unworthy of my talent.

[She gives her rapier another swish after spouting off more battle quotes, and the feed cuts]
Current Location: Cianwood City
Mitsuru Kirijo
16 May 2011 @ 08:15 pm
[... is that running water in the background of the video feed? Nah, you must be imagining things... you think.

The face of a snickering Plusle appears on screen, though only for a few seconds before the feed swings forward to show... a cracked door. The feed slips through the crack into... a bathroom. A few more steps, and it approaches... the bathtub. And then swings up to show... a certain redhead slipping out of the tub after getting all nice and squeaky clean. Ohdear.

She's sitting on the edge of the tub with her back toward the camera, and the angle QUITE COINCIDENTALLY censors everything no free peeks you perverts. But you do get a nice shot of her back... ahem, sans clothing, before she reaches to the side and pulls a towel over her form. She then pulls her hair up into a tight bun, before pushing herself up and turning around and promptly noticing the camera]


[Oh. Oh. Oh holy shit. Realization washes over her expression almost immediately then quickly diminishes, face flushing red in anger as her features contort into sheer anger]

CREPE-- [That voice. That expression. That anger. It is reserved only for those who commit the most egregious crimes against her person. It is the expression of an incoming execution.

Mitsuru lunges at the camera, and the Plusle lets out a high-pitched and very frightened squeak, before the feed cuts out]
Current Location: Olivine City
Mitsuru Kirijo
22 April 2011 @ 04:34 pm
They often say that beauty and grace are found in the eye of the beholder.

[Mitsuru is currently standing in the surf of Olivine with her shoes discarded a few feet away. She's bending down against the water, patting what looks like a disgruntled looking Feebas on the head. She's smiling softly and speaking encouragingly]

You may have much growing up to do, Mathilde, but once you look deeply enough in yourself to form a positive self-image, and so long as you are pleased with who you are... so long as you truly believe you are beautiful, you always will be.

[The scraggy fish Pokemon lets out a sad little cry, and Mitsuru shakes her head] It's a difficult resolution to reach, yes. A journey of self-discovery is never easy. But as long as you keep trying, you will succeed. I assure you.

[The falls silent for a few moments, before she nudges into Mitsuru's hand. Trainer so wise ;A;]

Ah, yes... I almost forgot.

[The redhead lifts her gear, preses a few buttons, and--]

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Current Location: Olivine City
Mitsuru Kirijo
05 April 2011 @ 11:48 am
[The video feed is turned on by a certain mischievous Plusle, and it opens to-- HOLY SHIT IS THE GYM ON FIRE WHERE IS ALL THAT FLAME COMING FROM no wait, it's just a Pokemon battle. A highly heated one (haha) judging from the feed. Though as time passes, the flames begin to flicker and die down, showing a fairly roughed up Arcanine staring down a singed Steelix, who is crashing into the ground with a defeated roar.

Mitsuru, who stands on one end of the battlefield, relaxes as the battle comes to an end, and she lifts one hand to fan out her hair with a relieved breath. Shy and withdrawn Jasmine on the other end of the field looks as though she's folded into herself as she fumbles for a pokeball to recall her final Pokemon. Looks like Mitsuru's scary battle tactics have frightened yet another gym leader...]

That was the closest battle I've seen in a while. It's astounding Rusty's devastating Earthquake attack didn't fell Jean in one hit. Truly impressive; you are quite worthy of your gym leader title.

[Jasmine blinks at Mitsuru a few times, looking fairly withdrawn, almost as if she's afraid to speak (who wouldn't be after that?). But this lasts only a few seconds before the shyest gym leader in Johto breaks out into a pleased smile and crosses the field with post-battle confidence that no other gym leader has shown before]

Um--! And you're truly worthy of this badge! I've heard stories from the other gym leaders about a woman with red hair who plowed through her opponents without fear, so um... I was a little nervous at first, since you fit her description!

[Mitsuru blinks] Ah...?

But that was such a wonderful battle! Could we... I don't know how to ask this, but... maybe exchange tips and strategies one day?

[A few more blinks from Mitsuru, before the redhead nods in satisfaction]

Of course. I'm still working to better my own battle techniques, and advice from one of Johto's gym leaders would be much appreciated.

[Jasmine smiles brightly (yet shyly) as she reaches over to hand Mitsuru the gym badge, and the feed suddenly swims to show a little yellow mouse (Crepe, the Plusle) grinning at the camera deviously. As Mitsuru and Jasmine continue to talk, he sneaks over to the battlefield... crawls right under Jasmine's feet... and then swings the video up to give the camera a nice, underside view of what is underneath Jasmine's skirt.

It doesn't take long for the girls to notice]

What-- what is he doing?!

Crepe! That is uncalled for! Put that camera away this instan-- [... and feed is cut]
Current Location: Olivine City